How to Easily Solve Windows 10 Black Screen After Startup IssueMany users prefer to run computers with Windows 10 – a reliable operating system. However, undesirable things always happen. For example, Windows 10 starts with a black screen .

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When I try to boot my newly installed Windows, I immediately get a black screen (without a mouse pointer). I found that turning the boot process on and off is normal. However, it will fail again next time.
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In general, Windows 10 black screen after startup is considered the worst issue to affect you because you don’t get an error code or error message, leaving you with no idea where to begin troubleshooting.
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What should you do if your PC encounters a black screen?
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In today’s post, I would show you how to solve the “Windows boots to black screen of death (BSOD)” problem without damaging original data.

Part 1: Windows 10 data recovery with black screen startup problem

Experienced users transfer the data first before dealing with Windows 10 black screen after startup problem to avoid accidents. (If you accidentally overwritten the original data while troubleshooting Windows 10 black screen after startup, you would permanently lose that data.)
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“How can I recover lost data from Windows 10 with black screen of death effectively and quickly?”
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MiniTool Power Data Recovery, developed by a well-known software development company, offers MiniTool Power Data Recovery Bootable Edition to recover lost data when the operating system crashes or to recover the data when PC fails to start without damaging the original data.
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Tip: If you are going to use it for commercial use, you should choose a commercial license. Click “ MiniTool Power Data Recovery Bootable ” for more details.
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Then we look at data recovery after BSOD with ease

Step 1: Create MiniTool Power Data Recovery Bootable Edition

  1. Connect a USB stick or CD / DVD disk to a normal computer. (Here we take Windows 10 as an example)
  2. Run MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal Luxurious.
  3. Click Bootable Media in the lower area on the main interface.
  4. Select “WinPE-based media with plug-in from MiniTool.”
  5. Create a bootable CD / DVD or a bootable USB stick
  6. Click on “Done” after the successful burn.

Note: MiniTool Bootable Media Builder will format the USB flash drive or CD / DVD disk while creating MiniTool Bootable Media. Please make sure that you have saved all important data on the USB stick or on the CD / DVD before burning.

Step 2: Start Windows from the bootable medium.

  1. Connect the burned MiniTool boot medium to your PC with the “black screen” error.
  2. Start the computer and enter BISO.
  3. Set the bootable media as the first boot device and save the configuration.
  4. Click MiniTool Power Data Recovery on the main interface of the interface from MiniTool PE Loader.

Step 3: Recover the lost data after Windows 10 black screen of death.

  1. Select the device from which you want to recover lost data. Then click the “Scan” button.

Note: You can use the “Settings” function in this window. More specifically, if you just want to restore the pictures, videos and documents, you can click on the “Settings”. Then select “Documents” “Graphics & Pictures” and “Audio & Video”. Finally, click the “Scan” button as shown below.

  1. Tick all required files and click the “Save” button to save them to a safe location.

Note: In this window you will be able to preview the images and .txt files before saving, as shown below:

Top recommendation

When it comes to the black screen of death error, I would like to share another problem with you – blue screen of death. Here you can read our previous post “How to Recover Data After BSOD & How to Treat Blue Screen of Death” for more information.
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In today’s post, you can learn about how to effectively recover the data after blue screen of death and how to correct the blue screen of death error.
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Hi! With MiniTool Power Data Recovery, I quickly and effectively restored the lost data after Windows 10 black screen of death after startup!
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After the data recovery, let’s talk about troubleshooting black screen of death.

Part 2: Troubleshoot Windows black screen startup problem on your PC

You could address the Windows 10 black screen of death after startup problem in two of the following ways:
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You will see a black screen before logging into Windows 10.
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You will see a black screen after logging into Windows 10.
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Do you want to know how to fix black screen on your PC?

Solution 1: fix a black screen before logging into Windows 10

  1. a) Check your connection

If you get a black screen before logging into Windows 10, it could be a connection problem between your PC and the display.

If you’re using a desktop computer, double-check that your display is properly connected to an electrical outlet and to your computer. Make sure your connected TV turns on and that it is set to input for your PC.
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If possible, you can try switching to a different video output. A driver change can often send the video signal to a different output port (e.g. DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, VGA ) or adapter.

You can also try connecting another monitor to your PC and confirm that there is no problem with your primary display.

  1. b) Remove or update third party antivirus software.

As we know, some third-party antivirus software are known to be the most common cause of black screen. Removing these softwares will not leave your PC in an unprotected location. This is because the Windows Defender antivirus kicks in when no other antivirus software is running.

  1. c) Perform a clean restart of your PC.

If the above solutions can’t help you, you can do a clean restart of your PC. You can find more details from this post: How to do a clean restart in Windows .

Solution 2: Fix a black screen after logging into Windows 10.

How is the “Windows 10 Black Screen of Death (BSOD) problem” effectively resolved after logging in – with or without the cursor when booting? Now you can try the following 3 solutions.

  1. a) Enter explorer.exe

If you get Windows 10 black screen with cursor after logging in, you should first hit the Ctrl + Alt + Del button and see if the Task Manager show up. If it doesn’t, click File> Run New Task . Type explorer.exe and press Enter .

  1. b) Discard & move the external devices

If the first method doesn’t work, design & move all external devices and restart the PC. If you are able to get an indication, it may mean that one of the external devices is causing the problem.

In this case, insert the devices one by one until you lose the display. Discard the last device you put in the computer and see if you can get the display back. If so, do not use the device until you contact the manufacturer of that device. Check again with another external device.

  1. c) Boot into Troubleshoot Safe Mode to resolve the black screen issue

If the above two methods can’t help you, there could be a ton of reasons. You can boot your computer into Safe Mode to solve the problem.

First, let’s talk about how to start PC in Safe Mode.

  1. At the login screen, hold down the Shiftkey, click the power button in thelower right corner and choose Restart .

Note: If you can’t see anything on the screen due to a BSOD error, you can start your PC when the blue Windows logo appears, press the power button and restart. Maybe you should repeat these steps 3 times until you trigger Windows 10 Automatic Repair. Follow the instructions on the screen and launch the “Advanced Options” menu.

  1. Click Troubleshoot.
  2. Click on ” Advanced Options“.
  3. Select ” Startup Settings“.
  4. Click “button Restart
  5. Press the 5 or F5 Start SettingsSafe Mode with Networkingto activate.

Now let’s tell the additional solutions to this problem.

1) Reinstall the video driver

If the video driver does not work regularly, your Windows could boot into the black screen. Now you can uninstall it in Safe Mode and then let the system automatically install the driver on reboot to solve the problem.

  1. Press Win + X to open the Power User menu.
  2. Choose Device Manager
  3. Expand Graphics Card
  4. Right click on the adapter and choose Uninstall.
  5. Click OKto confirm.

f.Restart your computer.

2) Deactivate quick start

Sometimes the black screen problem keeps popping up when Quick Start is enabled on your computer.

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Click on System and Security.
  3. Choose Power Options.
  4. Select “Choose what to do when you press the power button” in the left pane.
  5. Click the ” Some settings are currently unavailable” link .
  6. Deselect Enable Fast Startup (Recommended).
  7. Click on ” Save changes
  8. Restart your computer.

3) End the RunOnce processes

  1. Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Escon the keyboard.
  2. Check the “ Processes” and “ Services ” tab and look for all items named “ exe ” and “ RunOnce32.exe ”.
  3. If you find an item in the “Processes” tab, select it and click on ” End Task“. If you find an item in the “ Services ” tab, right-click it and select “ Stop ”.
  4. Click on “ File”.
  5. Choose Run New Task.

f.Enter “ shutdown -t00 –r ” to restart the PC and click “ OK ”.

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